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Stable Diffusion

With Stable Diffusion API, let your imagination become an image.


Let Pexels create images that will shine in your Blog.


Unleash Your Imagination with Dall-E: Where Creativity Meets Possibility!


Bring your own API key or we serve you with ours.

Generate Image

With Dall-E and Stable Diffusion, it was never that eay to generate creative images and add it in your Blog.

Generate Content

Simply select between options and with your prompt, your content is ready.

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  • Generate your content with AI
  • Bring Your Own Key
  • 1 WordPress Page
  • AI Powered Image Generation with Pexel
  • AI Powered Image Generation with DALL-E

Available on Wordpress


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Save 66% – $5.98

  • Billed annualy
  • Generate sharp and precise content with advanced guidance
  • Bring your own Open AI Key
  • 5 WordPress Page
  • AI Powered Image Generation with Pexel
  • AI Powered Image Generation with DALL-E with advanced options
  • AI Powered Image Generation with Stable Diffusion
  • Built your SEO for your Blog with AI
  • Unlimited number of WordPress pages

Available on Wordpress


This WordPress plugin has been incredibly helpful for my blog, saving me time and boosting my content quality. Highly recommended!

Patricia Celtic


I love how user-friendly Smart Content Generator is! Even as a non-technical person, I found it super easy to navigate and create amazing content for my website. Simply fantastic!

Aitor Tabar Elia


Smart Content Generator is lightning fast! It has drastically reduced the time it takes to create and publish blog posts. Truly a time-saving gem for busy bloggers like me!

Olivia Jones

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